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Phi Beta Kappa. Author: “A Plea for the Total Ban of Land Mines by International Treaty,” 17 Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Journal 507, 1995; “Constitutional Rights of Students, Their Families and Teachers in the Public Schools,” 10 Campbell Law Review 353, 1988; “The Death Penalty as an Unconstitutional Deprivation of Life and the Right to Privacy,” 25 Boston College Law Review 743, 1984; “Age Discrimination,” 29 Am. Jur. Trials, 1982; “…Shall Make No Law Abridging…: An Analysis of the Neglected, But Nearly Absolute, Right of Petition,” 54 University of Cincinnati Law Review 1153, 1985. Co-Author: with Smith and Gebala, “Job Security for Public Employees,” 31 Washington & Lee Law Review 545, 1974; with Smith and Singer, “Limitations on Federal Judicial Power,” 14 Wake Forest Law Review 711, 1978; with Sith and Leggette, “Recent Issues in Litigation Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act,” 41 Ohio State Law Journal 349, 1980; Domestic Relations, N.C. Law Practice System, 1984; Collections, N.C. Law Practice System, 1984; with William A. Carroll, “American Constitutional Rights,” University Press of America, 1991. Visiting Lecturer, University of North Carolina School of Law, 1979. Extern Professor, Vermont Law School, 1985.